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Past Gathering Info

The September 2023 Gathering

The feedback from the 2023 Gathering told us it was a huge success. 


150 people attended 28 sessions in addition to the keynote and retrospective. Many of our attendees were local, but we had several from across the country. Our 35 speakers came from as far as India and across the US as well.  

Our tracks covered a wide range of topics:  Transformation and Leadership, Product Ownership and Management, Scaling Agile: Management Governance, and System Awareness in Engineering - Dev/Sec/Ops.

All of that was framed by a Keynote panel of leaders from BNY Mellon, Broadcom, Dollar Bank, FedEX Ground, and UPMC discussing Lessons Learned in the Organization.


The Retrospective word heat map is a great summary of the day.

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