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About Us

Our History

Jon Stahl, founder and CEO of LeanDog and originally from Pittsburgh, has long been a strong proponent of Lean/Agile practices. While on a business trip in Pittsburgh, Jon realized there
was not a strong Agile community. If nature abhors a vacuum, so does Jon. He promptly created the Pittsburgh Agile Meetup group. Jon scheduled the first PittAgile Meetup on April 8, 2011.

Twelve years later we have over 2400 members, met over 132 times and hosted three regional conferences. We have partnered with multiple corporations and organizations representing diverse domains such as Development, QA, HR, Marketing, Business Analysis and Project Management.

We have brought some of the best Agile speakers to our Southwestern Pennsylvania community sourced locally and from around the country and the world. By doing so, we have helped to make people personally successful and implement Agile in every part of their organization.

Our Goal

PittAgile exists to serve the members and to help them grow both personally and professionally not only in their chosen disciplines, but in their leadership and people skills. The highest level of success is when our members use their knowledge and craftsmanship to improve the products, people and businesses they touch.

Who We Are

We are a passionate group of practitioners who love our craft and believe in the Agile philosophy and principles embodied in the Agile Manifesto to drive high quality internally and externally focused products.

We are community-run and driven; therefore it is important for everyone to contribute and help create a valuable experience. If you believe in continuous learning and improvement, we welcome you to this group!

What We Do

Simply, we look for any mechanism that will improve the knowledge and skills and success of our members. We strive to provide opportunities for structured learning about Agile methodologies and techniques by any means available. We currently use in person and virtual meetings, discussion forums to exchange our real-life experiences, and conferences that support cross-organizational and personal resources.


We will actively seek other ways as they become available. We work to facilitate the connections between Agile practitioners and mentors. We look to enforce the idea of constant improvement by actively seeking overlooked areas into which we can shine a light.

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