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To PittAgile

Our Mission

A Professional Interest Group Focused on Agile Principles and Practices

The mission of PittAgile is to spread Agile philosophy and practices in both individual practitioners and the business at large.

We believe in being Agile, not doing Agile. We strive to elevate the craftsmanship of our members and organizations.

The Conference

Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned for our October Meetup at Broadcom in Greentree.

2023 PittAgile Gathering - Success!  


Thanks to all that joined us at FedEx on September 20th  and 21st.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

  •  Speakers and Keynote were outstanding 

  •  Loved the venue ;  Please thank FedEx as their campus was absolutely beautiful!

  •  Don’t stop; Keep it going; "Best event I ever attended"

And a special thanks to our speakers  volunteers and and partners who contributed greatly! 

if you missed this year, we're already thinking about 2024.   

Request for Topics and Speaking

You Can Make PittAgile More Valuable to Everyone

PittAgile exists for you. We are community-run and driven; If you believe in continuous learning and improvement, we welcome you to this group! It's important for everyone to contribute and help create a valuable experience. Anyone can suggest a meetup and we welcome knowledgeable speakers.

We have varied opportunities such as monthly meetings, lunch and learns, lean coffee’s and even regional conferences.


If you have a topic that is of particular interest, a problem you or your organization faces, or have experience in an area that would allow you to share constructive insights or techniques, reach out to us by clicking the buttons below. We will contact you and discuss your ideas.

Never Miss a Moment

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Our Partner Organizations

A Sample of Organizations Are Aligned and Supportive of PittAgile

PittAgile is a non-funded volunteer organization that does not have paid sponsorships. The organizations below are only a sample of those that are aligned with PittAgile in our Agile thinking and goals. They have supported PittAgile over the years by providing facilities, speakers, materials or otherwise worked alongside us to support and promote Agile in our region and beyond.

This is our way of saying thank you for their contributions. Click on the button below to get more information on all of our partner organizations.

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