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Gathering Info

Event Information

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 PittAgile Gathering will be hosted by FedEx Ground

on the 20th and 21st of September at their headquarters located at 1000 Fedex Dr, Moon Twp, PA 15108.

An overview of the days and events are described below, but click

Registration for day one is $160 and $50 for day two. Group registration for day 1 is $130/person.

Event Description - Day 1

September 20th is day 1 and will be an interactive, in-person gathering of corporations and individual Agile practitioners in and around Southwestern Pennsylvania.


This conference strives to make the the principals of Agileconcrete and practical.  The overall conference goal is to champion "full stack Agile" - product delivery from inception through deployment. The sessions are elevated discussions that engage you and help you map Agile principles to your roles and skills. We want to reach further and higher into organizations to remove the barriers to Agile implementation

Our attendees include a cross section of Agile practitioners from Line Managers through Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Leadership, UX/UI and DevSecQualOps. We are planning tracks and topics covering:

  • Agile Product Ownership and Management

  • Agile Transformation and Leadership

  • Scaling Agile; Agile Management and governance

  • System Awareness in Engineering - Dev/Sec/Qual/Ops; CI/CD

Day 2 Event Description

The Software Excellence Alliance is an international network of professionals who share a passion for software development. All are welcome.  Come and celebrate your success stories with us!


We’ll encourage each other with updates on the ways we’re continuing to honor our outrageous commitment to change the world of software engineering, including:

  • New exceptional introduction strategies that are changing lives and transforming organizational culture from the bottom up - Alan Willett

  • Newly released and upcoming tools to support exceptional individuals and teams - David Tuma

  • New accelerated growth up-and-out into systems engineering excellence - Jeff Schwalb

  • A new global data warehouse of project metrics for planning, benchmarking, and research - Bill Nichols

  • Continued community growth through the sharing of best practices and great ideas - Julia Mullaney

  • And the exciting things YOU are accomplishing in your teams and your organization!


We’re on the brink of momentous changes, and the opportunity to make a difference has never been greater. Accordingly, the opportunity for synergy with one another has never been more important. Come tell us the ways we can support your efforts, and help us shape our shared vision for 2024 and beyond.

PittAgile and Partners

This year PittAgile is partnering with the Software Excellence Alliance (SEA), and several prominent businesses and consulting organizations in Western Pennsylvania. We are planning for you and 200 of your colleagues.  


2019 was our first PittAgile Gathering. We had 110 attendees, 9 speakers in a day full of excellent information and learning. 2020 was an entirely virtual event held over two days with 38 speakers and 180 attendees. While COVID may have moderated our ability to meet, our enthusiasm for helping our members and corporations be more productive was not.  We're back!

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